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We work with multi-modality and multi-manufacturer systems and offer the following services:

  • System Sales

  • Service

  • Cost effective Service Contracts

    • Full Service / Labor Only / PM

  • Logistics

    • Installation / Deinstallation / Moves

    • System Inspections / Failure Analysis



Uniform reading and processing environment for all of your SPECT and PET cameras



DicomBurn is a comprehensive Dicom burning software for burning Dicom images to CD/DVD drives, USB drives, and optional Patient CD Label Printing feature.

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Complete Nuclear Medicine, Cardiovascular suite and Multi-Modality workstation consisting of a comprehensive Oasis™ Clinical Library of Protocols for processing and display (“System”). The workstation offers high speed processing, image fusion, full connectivity, multi-format, and multi-modality data exchange. Segami’s clinical software (“Software”) combined unique features which makes it ideally suited to handle demanding multi-modality image processing requirements. In addition to the NM and cardiovascular applications, it includes a unique PET/SPECT/CT/MR multiple modality viewer completely operator configurable with advanced “Tumor tracking” feature.

Oasis™ is a true client-server model and can be made to grow with the user’s needs. The client/server model of Oasis™ implies that the user is no longer bound to a particular camera workstation; Oasis™ gives complete functionality to process or review all NM scans regardless of the camera vendor, using a suitable PC with secure access to the department server. Oasis™ is modular in that most clinical applications can be licensed separately implying that the user pays for the software that he really needs. Oasis™ is scalable in that the user may start with a minimum configuration of select protocols with single user and add more users and capabilities over time.

Oasis™ is DICOM compliant and integrates non-DICOM compliant sources through an optional Gateway system.

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